Furnaces and Heating Systems

Your heating system should keep you warm efficiently and for many years.  When it fails to maintain your comfort level, it is time to call Adams Heating & Cooling.

Heating and Furnace Repair

No matter what type or brand of heating system you may have, Adams can usually repair it in a timely manner with the right parts and professional service. If your furnace is at the end of its useful life, we can give you a free estimate for replacement costs and can usually get your new furnace installed and running within a few days. We also have emergency service available with a technician on-call 24/7.

Signs that it may be time for a new furnace include:

  • Rising heating bills
  • Multiple furnace repairs within 2 years
  • Thermostat settings are not maintaining your comfort level
  • Strange noises coming from your furnace

Heating and Furnace Installation

Adams has experience in both new construction and retrofit installation of new heating systems.  Our qualified agent and technicians will design and install the right furnace or heating system for your house or business to heat your space effectively and efficiently. We work with a variety of heating systems, including gas, fuel oil, forced air systems, heat pumps, hot water and steam systems, and geothermal.

Heating and Furnace Maintenance

In order to keep your heating system running at its best, we recommend and provide regular maintenance services of your furnace, no matter the brand or type.  From checking your heating system components to air duct cleaning, our heating and furnace services  We have regular maintenance plans available in which we will remind you to schedule your maintenance appointment so you never have to remember to make the call from year to year.